1. No trading will occur without a buyers application, copy of ID documents & company registration forms
  2. All goods remain the property of Westward Clothing until paid for in full
  3. All prices exclude vat & are subject to change
  4. Official orders must be e-mailed or faxed & are subject to stock availibility
  5. 48 Hours must be given to pack all stock orders
  6. Made to order garments will be subject to a 50% deposit/balance C.O.D. & a delivery of 4-8 weeks
  7. Goods will not be credited if branded, please ensure you have checked items & sizes before proceeding with branding
  8. Garment quantity & sizes must be checked before leaving our premises
  9. Please follow the washing instructions
  10. Please make sure garments are rinsed properly, as leaving traces of detergent on the garment will result in bleaching
  11. Please note that each shipment varies in dye lot, please check garments before proceeding with branding


  1. Maximum cash accepted for samples will be R1000
  2. Only EFT & card payments will be accepted for orders, payments must clear in our account before collection
  3. NO cheques will be accepted under any circumstances
  4. If an incorrect payment is made into our account, the refund will occur at month end, bank charges applicable


  1. No returns will be accepted with embroidery or printing on the item
  2. Samples to be returned within 10 days, with original tax invoice & packed in original packaging
  3. A handling fee of 20% will be levied on all samples & orders returned after 10 days
  4. A 10% handling fee will be levied on orders that are processed and not collected
  5. No returns will be accepted after one calendar month
  6. Credits on sample returns will not be refunded, but left on account for future orders
  7. A 30 day credit guarentee account can be opened to allow customers flexibility to take & return samples within 10 days

LOYALTY PROGRAM – Annual rebate is calculated over a 12 month period from January & is vat excluded

(PLEASE NOTE: This annual rebate does not apply to t-shirts and lacoste golf shirt sales)

  1. Suede: 2.5% rebate on sales of R250 000 ex vat, 10 free catalogues
  2. Velvet: 5% rebate on sales of R500 000 ex vat, 20 free catalogues
  3. Silk: 7.5% rebate on sales of R750 000 ex vat, 30 free catalogues
  4. Cashmere: 10% rebate on sales of R1 000 000 ex vat, 40 free catalogues